Your guide to SPPA publications

SPPA publishes a wide range of documents and reports that provide key information about the work we do on behalf of the Scottish Government and the many members of the pension schemes we administer.

  1. Corporate Plan 2022-27

    Find out more about our plans for the next five years

  2. Annual Business Plan

    Find out more about our business priorities for the year ahead

  3. Digital Strategy

    Find out more about our digital objectives and how we're implementing them

  4. Agency Expenditure

    Find out more about our finances by reading our Annual Report and Accounts plus details on our expenses

  5. Procurement at SPPA

    Find out more about our 2020-2025 procurement strategy and our annual procurement report 

  6. Environment Reporting

    Find out more about how we are protecting the environment and read our reports on our sustainability and biodiversity

  7. Framework Document

    Find out more about our responsibilities as an agency of the Scottish Government or view supporting documentation

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