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1. Annual Benefit Statements 2022

We will be issuing this year's Annual Benefit Statements from 31 August 2022. You will receive a message on the Online Portal when your Annual Benefit Statement is ready for you to view.

2. Pension estimates and Calculators

We will be issuing this year's Annual Benefit Statements from 31 August 2022. You will receive a message on the Online Portal when your Annual Benefit Statement is ready for you to view.

If you're in active employment, you can register for our online service where you can access your annual benefit statement.

Your annual benefit statement estimates your pension benefits accrued up to the end of the most recent financial year based on your pensionable service and / or salary details as confirmed by your employer.


As well as annual benefit statements we have a range of calculators that can be used by members still in active employment. These can be used to estimate to future dates and scenarios of your choice.

NHS Calculators

Teachers Calculators

Police Calculators

Firefighters Calculators

If you have left the scheme and are no longer contributing to your pension and are close to your scheme pension age, please contact us to find out more.

3. Opting in or out of a pension scheme or requesting a refund

Opting Out

If you submit an Opt Out application and indicate that you wish to receive a refund of your contributions, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • under 2 years' calendar service after 6 April 1988;or
  • under 5 years' calendar service before 5th April 1988; and
  • you have not transferred previous pension rights into the scheme from a personal pension arrangement

If you do not meet this criteria, your refund application may be rejected.


If you have requested a refund application and have not had a reply, It can take up to four months from when your application is received to calculate your refund. We will contact your employer for information and we may also have to contact the National Insurance Contributions Office for a Contributions Equivalent Premium (CEP) figure. We are unable to process any refund until we have all this information.

4. Retiring soon and not heard from us yet

If you have already applied for your pension and have not received a letter or email from us, please be aware you may not receive your pension details until immediately prior to your retirement date, or in some cases, if your retirement date is early in the month, a little after this date. Even if you haven’t had your paperwork, your pension payment will be made from your retirement date.

To submit your enquiry, please select from the options below:

NHS Enquiry

Teachers Enquiry

Police Enquiry

Firefighter Enquiry

Local Government Enquiry

To submit an enquiry, please email the LGPS Team

Scottish Legal Aid Board Enquiry

To submit an enquiry please email the Scottish Legal Aid Board Team

Freedom of Information Request

To find out more about Freedom of Information and how to make a request, please view the Freedom of Information section of our website.

Media Enquiry

To submit an enquiry, please email the Communications Team

Other Contact Options

Phone us

We are currently experiencing high volumes of enquiries. To help us prioritise members who need urgent support, we would appreciate if you could send us an email instead detailing your enquiry.

Our telephone number: 01896 893000

Phone lines opening hours:

• Monday: 9am to 5pm

• Tuesday: 9am to 5pm

• Wednesday: 9am to 1pm*

• Thursday: 9am to 5pm

• Friday: 9am to 4.30pm * Please note: to concentrate on staff training and development, our phone lines are only available on Wednesday’s until 1pm.

Our postal address

Scottish Public Pensions Agency, 7 Tweedside Park, Tweedbank, Galashiels, TD1 3TE


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