About the Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme

The Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme provides the workplace pension facilities for members of the Scottish Legal Aid Board and its employees. The scheme is operated ‘by analogy’ to the NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland). This basically means that, although it is a separate legal entity, the scheme adopts its rules and regulations from the NHS (Scotland) scheme – although there are a few exceptions which are specifically mentioned in the Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme 2010 regulations.

SPPA carries out a calculation service for The Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme which has two distinct sections – one covering members who joined before 1 October 2010 and one for members who joined after that date. The main differences between the two sections are explained in the Your Membership section below.


For further information regarding scheme benefits contact a member of the Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme administration team at PSOD@gov.scot or call 01896 893000.