SPPA aims to provide members with an annual Pension Benefit Statement. These statements are made available through My Pension – Online Member Services.

The Pension Benefit Statement is based on the Annual Return information provided by employers for current members on 31st March each year.

It is important that this information is submitted by 31st May each year to allow SPPA to calculate these statements within a reasonable timescale after the end of the financial year.

"My Pension – Online Member Services" allows members to:

  • View, save and/or print out their Pension Benefit Statement
  • Use the online calculators to estimate their pension and lump sum options
  • Notify a change of address of other details
  • Contact Us online if they wish to query any of their pension information

While every effort is made to ensure all eligible members receive a Pension Benefit Statement, there may be instances where a statement cannot be produced automatically. In such cases, the member can use the "Contact Us" function on the online service to request a statement which will be calculated and uploaded to My Pension online for the member to access.

It is important to be aware that the Pension Benefit Statements provide members with estimates only and should not be regarded as a future entitlement.

Benefit Statements explained

Section 1 – Your Personal Details

Full Name

Date of Birth

SPPA Reference Number

Pensionable Pay

Marital Status

Date of joining

Current Employer


Section 2 – Estimate of Current Benefits – accrued to 31 March of relevant year

Total Service


Lump Sum

Section 3 – HMRC Lifetime Allowance (LTA) Details

Lifetime Allowance (annual total)

Total Value of LTA Used

Total Percentage of LTA Used

Section 4 – Death in Service

Death Grant lump sum

Potential Survivor Pension

Section 5 - Nomination Details (if held)

Nominee details

Percentage nominated

You can check our glossary if you are not sure what some of these terms are.

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