Your guide to scheme regulations

Your teachers’ pension scheme is governed by a broad range of regulations. Use the table below to look up the regulations that are relevant to your scheme.

Scheme Regulations Notes
2015 CARE scheme

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme (Scotland) (No.2) Regulations 2014 – SSI 2014/292. As amended by SSIs 2015/97, 2016/62 and 2017/454

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme (Consequential Provisions) (Scotland) Regulations 2015 – SSI 2015/146

The 2015 Scheme and associated regulations cover teachers recruited from 1 April 2015 and those who do not have full or transitional protection from the Final Salary Pension Scheme.

Makes modifications to primary legislation for those staff transferring to the 2015 scheme to reflect contracting out, accrued pensionable service and ill-health benefits.

Pre 2015 final salary scheme The Teachers’ Superannuation (Scotland) Regulations 2005 – SSI 2005/393. As amended by SSIs 2005/543, 2006/308, 2006/605, 2007/189, 2008/227, 2011/42, 2011/52, 2012/70, 2013/71, 2014/44, 2015/98, 2016/62 Reflects the changes introduced for new members from 1 April 2007. Including the change to Normal Pension Age 65 for new members joining the scheme.
Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) Scheme The Teachers’ Superannuation and Pension Scheme (Additional Voluntary Contributions) (Scotland) Regulations – SSI 2017/283 Regulations provide opportunity to make additional pension savings through an AVC. Special terms are available through Prudential.
Compensation for Premature Retirement The Teachers’ (Compensation for Premature Retirement and Redundancy) (Scotland) Regulations 1996 – SI 1996/2317. As amended by SIs 1997/675 and 1998/719 Provide compensation to teachers for premature retirement and redundancy


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