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Lump sum on Death

As well as providing you with an income in retirement, membership of the scheme also provides valuable benefits for your dependants when you die.

In the event of your death, benefits will automatically (on application) be paid to your:

  • spouse
  • civil partner
  • surviving partner.

However, if you do not wish any of the above to receive death benefits, you also have the option to make a specific nomination.

If you have no spouse/civil partner/surviving partner when you die and you have not made a nomination, the lump sum will be paid to your legal personal representative and will form part of your estate.

If you have nominated two or more individuals to receive the lump sum, you should specify the exact proportion that each individual is to receive. This should be expressed as a whole percentage and must total 100%. If your nominee dies, the designated proportion of the lump sum that is due to them will be paid to your personal representative. It is therefore, in your interest to ensure that you submit a fresh nomination form when there are any changes.

You should ensure that we are advised of any change in your nominee’s contact details and it is your responsibility to ensure that all nominees are aware of the terms of the nomination.

Nominations can be revoked at any time and if you wish to revoke or change your nomination, please notify us. This will supersede any previous nominations made.

Lump sum on death nomination form

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