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About the Scottish Firefighters’ Pension Board

Pension boards for the schemes administered by SPPA were established in 2015. The boards have equal numbers of employer representatives and member representatives and can also appoint independent experts.

A pension board member’s role is to assist the scheme manager in securing compliance with the scheme regulations and the requirements set by The Pension Regulator.

Board members must have knowledge and understanding of relevant pensions law and a working knowledge of scheme regulations and relevant documentation. They also have a duty to act in accordance with scheme regulations and other governing legislation and must satisfy SPPA that no conflicts of interest exist either before or during their board membership.

The board normally meets four times a year. The board has one independent Chair, one independent Vice Chair, three employer-nominated representatives and three member-nominated representatives. SPPA’s Chief Executive (or a delegated representative) also attends board meetings in a reporting capacity.

The Scottish Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 2015 regulations reflect the Pension Board governance arrangements.

Scottish Firefighters’ Pension Board members

William Littleboy, Independent Chair

William became the Independent Chair of the Firefighters Pension Board in 2018 following an extensive career in financial services in the UK and Europe. He spent over 20 years in corporate banking and more than 15 years in investment management specialising in technology, operations and risk.

William was Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Risk Officer at Standard Life Investments and, as an adopted Scot, has enjoyed living in Edinburgh since 2002.

Catherine Skinner, Independent Vice Chair

Awaiting biography

Denise Christie, member representative

Denise is an experienced Firefighter (with a Diploma in Specialist Rescue and Incident Management from Coventry University) and trade union official. She is a Regional Secretary of the Fire Brigade Union and frequently negotiates on industrial issues, including terms and conditions for FBU members in Scotland.

Brian Cameron, member representative

Brian is currently the Scottish Regional Chair of the Fire Brigade Union.

Alexander Miller, member representative

I am a retired Firefighter and Trade Union Official. As the lead official of the Fire brigades Union for Strathclyde Fire and Rescue I was proactive in negotiating member’s conditions of Service and dealing with other employment matters. During my tenure as the Scottish Equality officer for the Fire Brigades Union I was fortunate to be the recipient of the STUC One workplace equality award for work I carried out on behalf of female fire-fighters to enhance their working conditions of service.

Stephen Wright, employer representative

Stephen works in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Human Resources and Organisational Development Directorate and is responsible for workforce planning, resourcing and succession planning arrangements. In addition to this, Stephen has spent over 20 years in the fire service working for both Strathclyde Fire & Rescue and the SFRS.

David McGown, employer representative


Alan Duncan, employer representative

Alan Duncan is the Accounting Manager for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service with over 17 years' experience as an accountant in the public sector. His primary role is to ensure the annual accounts are accurate, on time, free from material misstatement and receive an unqualified audit opinion. Alan is constantly involved in the monitoring and forecasting of Firefighter Pensions budgets, authorising and reconciling monthly pensions and lump sum payments and liaising with Pension Funds to gather the information required for the preparation of the annual accounts.

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