Alongside the launch of our new five year corporate plan – we have also published our annual business plan, which details the steps we are taking over the next financial year to improve the services we provide and deliver better value to members and the people of Scotland.

What’s Inside

This year’s Annual Business Plan marks the first step on our roadmap to deliver our vision and focuses on stability and improvements over the next twelve months.

Business Priorities

We have identified ten business priorities that will help us deliver stability and improvements on the three key themes of our five year corporate plan, these are:

  1. Member driven operational improvement
  2. Successfully progress the Pension Platform Programme
  3. Mobilise and motivate our people
  4. Improved performance reporting
  5. Develop and sustain an effective resource model
  6. Improved external engagement
  7. Embed the new risk management framework
  8. Better support and deliver regulatory change
  9. Embrace hybrid working and become an employer of choice
  10. Have a positive impact on our environment

Measuring Progress

To allow us to deliver our business priorities, it’s important that we can measure our performance effectively.  To do this we have:

  • Introduced a new corporate office team that will be responsible for effective planning and performance reporting.
  • Our Key Performance Indicators can now be impacted by all of our people and touch on all aspects of our business

Download our Annual Business Plan 2022-23

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