Your options for leaving the scheme

The Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme provides a number of options for people who leave the Scheme before reaching their normal pension age. These options will depend on your age and the length of your pensionable service.

If you have less than two years' qualifying service, as long as you're under 60, you'll either be able to take a refund of contributions (less tax and national insurance) or you can transfer your contributions to another pension scheme. 

If you have more than two years' qualifying service, your pension benefits will either be preserved in the scheme or you can transfer to another scheme. Deferred pensions have a normal pension age of 60 but can be paid on a reduced basis from 50.

Additional Pension

If you are purchasing Additional Pension in the Scheme through regular additional contributions, you'll have to stop paying into these when you leave. The portion of Additional Pension you've earned at the time you leave would then be preserved until you choose to take your benefits. Alternatively, you can transfer it to another pension scheme.

Making your decision

When you leave the scheme, SPPA will inform you of your refund, transfer and deferred pension options.

If you wish to apply for early retirement, ask your employer for the appropriate form.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or call 01896 893090.

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