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Automatic Enrolment

Automatic enrolment is a UK Government initiative that’s designed to help people save through a pension scheme at work. It ensures that employers automatically place their employees in an approved pension scheme.

When you take up employment with the NHS, you’re automatically enrolled in the pension scheme. If you choose to opt out of the scheme, you’ll be automatically re-enrolled after three years – which means you’ll have re-joined the scheme and would have to opt out again if you didn’t want to be a member. Similarly, you’re also re-enrolled if you take up an additional NHS Scotland employment.

If you're new to the scheme, your employer should provide you with information about automatic enrolment and details of the pension scheme.


Salaried GP’s are automatically enrolled working under a Practice or Health Board.

Self employed GP’s (Principal & Locums) and General Dental Practitioners are required to opt in. Complete the OPT In form  and send to Practitioner Services.

Further information

Opting out 

The Money Advice Service

The Pensions Advisory Service

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