Find out more about how you can access an online calculator to provide you with an illustration of your pension entitlement.

Who can use this calculator?

If you joined the NHS pension scheme on or before 31 March 2012 and you were still a member on or after 1 April 2015, then as long as you had continuous service you will be asked to make a choice about your pension scheme benefits once your pension scheme is set up to deliver the 2015 Remedy. 

This includes members who left but returned within 5 years to the same or another public service pension scheme. 

Online calculator

This online calculator can provide you with an illustration of your legacy and reformed scheme benefits.

To open the calculator, please ensure that you are using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.  

This calculator is for guidance purposes and the outputs provided are illustrative only.

The modeller does not calculate benefits for Mental Health Officers and Practitioner members of the scheme. It is also not equipped to provide illustrations for those who are in their scheme through the Choice exercise.

Open the 2015 Remedy Calculator

Using the calculator

Full guidance on how to use the calculator and further help is available when you open the remedy calculator.

Please refer to your most recent annual benefit statement.

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