How to re-join the Scottish Firefighters pension scheme

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  • What happens to your pension when you go back to work
  • Re-employment in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

What happens to my pension if I go back to work

Employment out with the Fire Service. If you leave the Fire service and take up employment with another employer there will be no detriment to your Fire Pension. The only change that may occur is the tax payable on your pension. Any queries relating to this should be directed to HMRC.

Re-employment within the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

If you retire from SFRS and return to work in any position within SFRS, there are certain factors you should take into account. For further information on how you might be impacted, please see our factsheet.

If after reading the linked factsheet you decide to return to work with SFRS, please complete the re-employment form and return it to SPPA. Once we have received your completed form we will do the appropriate checks to determine the earnings limits that would apply.

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