The LA(S)PS post-October 2010 section is open to:

  • all new SLAB employees from 1 October 2010;
  • all SLAB employees who had not previously been a member of the LA(S)PS; and
  • eligible Preserved Members who opt to rejoin the Scheme more than five years after leaving the pre-October 2010 section of the Scheme.

You will not be eligible to join the Scheme if you:

  • were aged over 70 on 30 September 2010; or
  • are an employee who has opted to leave the Scheme and are receiving retirement benefits.

If you decide not to participate in the Scheme, but later change your mind, you may apply to join the Scheme.

Membership of the Scheme is voluntary but if you are eligible you will automatically be made a member, unless you decide not to join. You may choose to opt out of the Scheme at any time. You can do this by completing a form which is available here.

Before opting out of the Scheme, you should carefully compare the relative cost to you and the whole package of benefits provided under the Scheme. A financial adviser should be able to help you.

Further reading

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