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The Scottish Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Advisory Board provides advice to Scottish Ministers on a broad range of policy matters relating to the pension scheme.

The board is chaired by a senior Scottish Government Official, has other members representing the interests of the Scottish Government , the scheme members and the scheme employer. The current members are:

Sean Starbuck – member representative

Sean was a firefighter for 21 years until 2007. He was a union official with various roles during this period before taking up the role of National Officer for the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in 2007. His main remit is pensions, and he has been involved in fire service pensions since 2007. He was part of the negotiating team which agreed the Retained Modified Scheme, and is the FBU representative to Firefighters' pension committees in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He continues to work with civil servants in all parts of the UK in relation to pensions.

Chris McGlone – member representative

Chris McGlone is a senior official for the Fire Brigades Union in Scotland and had a broad responsibility for the general Terms and Conditions of approximately 5,000 members and employees of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service. As a result, he takes a keen issue on the pension reform process which culminated in the Government reforms implemented in April 2015. In his capacity as Executive Council member, he currently represents his members on a number of National Committees, including the National Joint Council (NJC), Joint Secretaries Lead Members for NJC, and Middle Managers Negotiation Board amongst others.

Gordon McQuade – member representative

Gordon McQuade is the Scottish Chair of the Fire Brigades Union, and has taken a very keen interest in the issue of pensions since Lord Hutton’s review of Public Sector Pensions began in 2010. Gordon has closely followed and studied all the reports that have been issued on this subject, and has also scrutinised the other 2015 proposed public sector schemes to fully understand what was being offered in other sectors of the UK. Gordon has a firm grasp of the details of the 2015 scheme, with a good knowledge of both the 2006 and 1992 schemes. He has also met with many members of the FBU across Scotland and given them detailed explanations of the changes and how they will affect them individually.

Glyn Morgan – member representative

Glyn Morgan served almost 31 years as an operational member of the Fire and Rescue Service. He spent five years with Nottinghamshire Fire Service then almost 26 years in Strathclyde before retiring from a Group Manager role in 2008.

Glyn's last 10 years' service focussed on planning, performance management and Best Value compliance. During the 1990s, he became involved with trade union duties with the National Association of Fire Officers, and subsequently with the Fire Officers' Association (FOA) after its formation in 1994. He held a number of local and national positions with the FOA, including national President. Since retiring, he’s been employed as Chief Executive of the Fire Officers' Association.

In 1996, he became the FOA's representative on the UK Central Fire Brigades Advisory Council's Pensions Sub Committee. He has fulfilled a similar role during structural and departmental and legislative changes that saw responsibility for advising UK Ministers on fire pensions pass to the Firefighters' Pension Committee and now to the English Scheme Advisory Board.

Prior to his appointment to the Scottish Scheme Advisory Board, Glyn represented the FOA at Scottish Firefighters' Pension Forum meetings.

Nicola Hector – employer representative

Awaiting biography

Brian Baverstock – employer representative

Brian is an independent consultant specialising in public sector governance and risk management. A qualified accountant with a long career in the public sector in Scotland, he has held a number of senior roles associated with the implementation of public sector reform. 

Brian is also an experienced non-executive director in the public and voluntary sector in Scotland. He is currently a Board Member with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Legal Aid Board. 

Ramona Coxall – employer representative

Ramona graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a Post Graduate Diploma in HRM in 1996 and has worked in HR since then for the NHS, Scottish Ambulance Service, Central Scotland Police, Scottish Police Information Strategy (one of the Common Police Services), and latterly for Central Scotland Fire and Rescue which became part of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in 2013.

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Firefighters’ Scheme Advisory Board Minutes – 26 September 2018

Please contact us if you wish to access previous years' minutes.

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