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SPPA Mission Statement

SPPA aims to deliver a high quality, customer focused, responsive and cost effective service.

Core Values

Our core values are to:

  • put our customers first;
  • support our staff to work creatively to deliver excellence;
  • maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability whilst using our resources efficiently and effectively; and
  • deliver continuous improvement by embracing change.


The aims of the SPPA, as set out in its Framework Document, are detailed below.

  • To administer, on behalf of the Scottish Government, the public service pension, premature retirement compensation and injury benefit schemes for which the Scottish Ministers have administrative responsibility so as to provide an efficient and effective service for the benefit of those who use the schemes, at an economic cost to the public purse.
  • To prepare, in accordance with the Scottish Government’s policy, the regulations governing these and other schemes for which the Scottish Ministers have regulatory responsibility.
  • To determine questions under the regulations on which there is a right of appeal to Scottish Ministers.
  • To advise the Scottish Ministers on occupational pensions policy.
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