The Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) is an Agency of the Scottish Government. We administer pensions for Scottish Teachers, Police, Firefighters’ and National Health Service employees on behalf of the Scottish Government.

We provide advice to Scottish Ministers on public sector pension issues and we are responsible for developing the regulations of Scotland’s NHS, Teachers, Police, Firefighters’ and Local Government Pension Schemes.

SPPA also provides a pension calculation service for the Legal Aid (Scotland) Pension Scheme and the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme.

Our Vision

We will help protect our members' financial futures by giving them greater understanding and control of their pension

Our Purpose

Effectively administer pensions and support over half a million of Scotland’s key workers – paying pensions accurately and on time. Provide excellent customer service, combining skills and technology to maximise efficiency and deliver best value to taxpayers in Scotland.

Our Strategic Aims

  • Deliver excellent services for our members
  • Be proud of our workplace
  • Build our capacity and become an employer of choice
  • Be change positive

Serving those who serve Scotland

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