About the Local Government Pension Scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme in Scotland is a funded, defined benefit, statutory occupational pension scheme. It's one of the main public service pension schemes in Scotland, serving more than 236,000 active members, over 140,000 deferred members and more than 169,000 pensioners and dependents.

The scheme provides its members with a range of valuable benefits including an annual pension at retirement, the option to exchange part of that pension for a tax-free lump sum, the option to increase pension value by making additional contributions as well as providing benefits to the dependants of members who die in service.

Although the scheme is administered by 11 local government administering authorities, SPPA is responsible for maintaining and updating the scheme’s regulations in line with policies determined by the Scottish and UK Governments. SPPA also deals with Independent Dispute Resolution Procedures and provides policy guidance to ministers and to the scheme’s advisory board.

How to get help if you have a query or complaint.