Estimate the cost of topping up your pension when taking premature retirement

To calculate the cost when a member of your staff takes premature retirement, use our handy calculator below.

To make sure that your figures are the most up to date, please use this calculator instead of keeping any saved figures, as the factors used in the calculation are subject to change.

Please note that if you use the commutation option on the calculator, only the SPPA portion of the pension and lump sum can be commuted.

Download the Premature Retirement Calculator

Technical support: Note that the downloadable Microsoft Excel file does not have a digital signature and may be unavailable to some users due to security reasons. The file type also may not be compatible with devices that don't support Microsoft products and may not work if you don't have access to an application that can read this type of file. If you have any issues with the Teachers Premature Calculator, please contact us.

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