If you change your bank details, you may tell us in writing, via email, or by telephone.

To tell us about a change of bank account in writing, your letter must be signed by the person receiving the pension or a representative with power of attorney or a legal guardian. You can post the letter to us, or scan and attach a copy to an email.

If you forget to sign your letter then we won’t be able to update your records, which may mean your payment gets delayed.

To tell us about a change of bank account by email or over the phone, you will need to answer some additional security questions.

We will require you to confirm your name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number or Superannuation number. Then in addition you must confirm the existing bank Sort Code and Account number, along with the current monthly amount of your pension payments.

As payrolls are run throughout the month, we cannot guarantee that details will be changed in time for your next payment. For this reason, we advise that old bank accounts remain open until the first successful transfer to the new details.

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