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Annual Benefit Statements

Annual Benefit Statements

Administrators of occupational pension schemes have a legal duty to provide scheme members with regular details of their pension benefits.

SPPA automatically produces Annual Benefit Statements (ABS) for NHS pension scheme members who are currently in active employment.

Members who have left NHS employment with preserved benefits and are below their normal pension age can contact the SPPA to request up to date information.

Accessing your annual benefit statement

If you're in active employment, you can register for our online member service where you can access and print copies of your annual benefit statement.

Your annual benefit statement estimates your pension benefits accrued up to the end of the most recent financial year based on your pensionable service and / or salary details as confirmed by your employer.

If you are a Practitioner, your benefit statements will be available 12 months in arrears. 

Calculators and Estimates


As well as annual benefit statements we have a range of calculators that can be used by members still in active employment. These can be used to estimate to future dates and scenarios of your choice.

NHS Pension Calculator

Please note: Our calculators are only available for members with a minimum pension age of 55. If you have a minimum pension age of 50 you'll need to contact us to request an estimate, however you must be within 12 months of your intended retirement date to receive one.

2015 Remedy

On 1 April 2022 the 1995 and 2008 legacy schemes closed to any future pension build-up and members were moved into the reformed 2015 pension scheme.

Eligible members will have the chance to choose between their legacy or reformed scheme benefits when they retire. This choice will be for the period between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2022. From 2024, your annual benefits statement (ABS) will show a dual estimate of both the legacy and reformed schemes to help you make your choice.

 If you'd like to compare your legacy and reformed scheme benefits please use the remedy calculator. 

Remedy Calculator

Preserved members

NHS - Preserved Benefits Estimates

If you're a former member of the NHS Superannuation Scheme's 1995 or 2008 Sections (including Practitioners),and you haven't reached your minimum pension age, or won't be claiming your pension within the next 12 months, we can only provide an estimate of your pension’s current value.

If you intend to claim your pension before your normal pension age, the estimate will take into account any applicable reduction for early payment.

Information for Preserved members

Ill health retirement

If your NHS HR or Occupational Health department considers ending your employment on the grounds of ill health, we can provide an estimate of what your benefits will be.

If you've already left the NHS with your benefits preserved in the scheme and you're too ill to carry out any form of employment, we can also estimate your likely benefits.

While there's no minimum age for requesting an estimate of ill health retirement benefits, they can only be paid subject to your application being assessed and approved by an independent Medical Adviser - see our NHS Ill health retirement section.

Premature retirement due to redundancy or interests of efficiency of the service

If you've reached your minimum pension age and are due to leave the NHS through redundancy or in the interests of efficiency of the service, your employer can request an estimate of your potential benefits.

Authorising a financial advisor to contact the SPPA

If you are in active employment and require information for your financial advisor, please access your annual benefit statement online.

If you have left NHS employment

We are able to accept requests from financial advisers as long as they can provide a mandate, signed by you authorising the release of the requested information.

Pension lump sum choice

If you have decided to retire but are unsure whether to convert some of your annual pension into an additional tax free lump sum, please tick further information in section 4 page 10 of your application form. The SPPA will then provide exact information for you to make a decision prior to your pension being put into payment.

information about Lump Sums

Projected pension estimates

The SPPA does not provide estimates projecting your possible pension benefits to a future date for the use of financial advisors or for mortgage purposes.

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