Take some retirement benefits while continuing to work part-time

If you reduce your working hours at Scottish Legal Aid Board, you may be able to partially retire and take some of your pension benefits (on a reduced basis if they're paid before your normal pension age of 65) while continuing to work part-time.


To be able to take partial retirement, you must have reached the scheme’s minimum pension age of 55 and have at least two years' pensionable service. Your terms of employment must also have changed so that your pensionable pay is reduced by at least 10% and must remain reduced for at least a year.

Additional Pension

If you've purchased Additional Pension, you can take it at the same time as you take part of your scheme benefits or you can leave it in the scheme until you fully retire.

Applying for partial retirement

You must choose to partially retire within three months of the reduction in your pay by completing a form that is available from your employer who must state that your employment terms have changed and your pensionable pay has reduced by at least 10%.

Your application must state the percentage of your total pension that you wish to apply for and whether you're also applying for any Additional Pension you've purchased.

If you're under the age of 65, your benefits will be reduced to take account of the fact that they're being paid earlier than expected.

If you're over 65, the part of your pension that was earned before you reached 65 will be increased as it's being paid later than expected.

Minimum and maximum amounts available

Your partial retirement pension must have a minimum value equal to 20% of your pensionable service while the maximum you can apply for is 80%.

Limit on amount of times you can partially retire

You may choose to take part of your benefits on up to two occasions. Any remaining pension after two partial retirements must be taken when you finally retire.

Continuing to qualify for your pension

If you have chosen to take part of your pension and your pensionable pay increases within 12 months of its earlier reduction you'll cease to be entitled to receive your partial retirement pension.

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