We only accept requests for Pension Savings Statements (PSS) from Financial Advisors and Accountants either singly or as a bulk request on the SPPA template only. All other request types concerning Annual Allowance (including requests for additional Pension Input Amounts) or Scheme Pays must come directly from the member.

Bulk Requests

  • Annual Allowance Pensions Savings Statement (PSS) requests will be accepted as a bulk request on the SPPA template.
  • Financial Advisors and Accountants must complete the bulk mandate to confirm they have the authority from each member they are requesting a PSS for.
  • Any requests received before 6 July will have a PSS issued by 6 October. Any requests received after 6 July will have a PSS issued within 3 months of request.
  • All PSS will be issued directly to the member.
  • No Annual Allowance data or PSS will be sent by SPPA to Financial Advisors or Accountants.