Building a better SPPA – Our Annual Business Plan 2023/2024

We’re setting out our priorities and plans for the 2023/24 year in our Annual Business Plan.

It has been a year since we launched our Corporate Plan which set out an ambitious agenda for the five years covering 2022-2027. Its focus was a commitment to building a better SPPA. Since then, we have:

  • continued to deliver against our core service priorities
  • improved the way we communicate with employers, helping them to share information with our members
  • successfully progressed our Pension Platform Programme (PPP)
  • welcomed more colleagues back into our office safely as part of our move to hybrid working, and opened our doors to other government agencies
  • invested in our people, including rolling out our Leadership Development Programme to 20% of colleagues across the Agency

What’s inside

We asked our CEO, David Robb, to share what you can find inside our Annual Business Plan:

“Our vision and purpose remain unchanged: we will help protect our members’ financial futures by giving them greater understanding and control of their pension and effectively administer pensions and support over half a million of Scotland’s key workers – paying pensions accurately and on time.

We will achieve these through our five priorities for this year. These are our key business goals for 2023/24. Each priority has specific actions that we need to take in order to succeed.

  1. Improve our service
  2. Effectively support members, employers and colleagues through Remedy 2015 changes
  3. Deliver phase one of the pension administration platform improvement programme
  4. Develop our workforce and increase our capability
  5. Be more cost effective

We’ve re-aligned our key performance indicators (KPIs) and made sure that each one has clear ways we can measure our progress towards meeting them.

  1. Increase in the proportion of new awards paid accurately and on time
  2. Improve our customer satisfaction scores
  3. Meet all of our regulatory deadlines for Remedy 2015
  4. Improve our colleague engagement score
  5. Improve our cost effectiveness rating

We have also made sure that each priority has performance measures so that we can make sure throughout the year that we’re on track. These will help all of us with our objective setting this year to ensure that we’re all working towards the same end goals. “

Find out more by reading our Annual Business Plan 2023/24.