The Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) today announced the intention to award a contract to Heywood Pension Technologies (HPT) for the supply of a new integrated pensions IT system, subject to a mandatory standstill period.

Chief Executive David Robb said:

“This award marks the start of a brand new partnership with Heywood Pension Technologies, a company undergoing transformation. We have conducted a rigorous procurement exercise and it is our expectation that our preferred supplier, HPT, will shortly be working to a new contract, with tight accountabilities that will meet all of our business needs. As an Agency, our focus is to build stability and deliver improvement across the business. I am excited about the opportunity to deliver sustainable and impactful service improvements for our members.

At the heart of this award, is a commitment to improving our ways of working and providing colleagues with a technical solution that meets our current needs and is future proofed. I believe we have an opportunity to make lasting and sustainable improvements.

Having undertaken a robust procurement process underpinned by a very clear vision of our digital aspirations I am confident we will be providing value for money to taxpayers whilst realising greater efficiencies and customer satisfaction.”

The scope of the contract is to purchase, implement and support an integrated Pensions Administration, Payroll and Digital Services solution for the pension schemes currently administered by the Agency.

The SPPA is looking to minimise manual intervention for a number of key processes and facilitate straight through processing and self-service where possible".