From 1 October, changes to the pension scheme will make it possible for all NHS members to take partial retirement. Members who are in the 1995 section will now be able to take their pension and work flexibly. This is already open to members of the 2008 and 2015 sections of the scheme.

Members will also be able to take more of their pension when they partially retire. From normal minimum pension age, which is 55 for most members, they will be able to take between 20% to 100% of all their pension benefits, without leaving their current job.

Before applying for partial retirement, members need to agree a new working arrangement with their employer, one which reduces their pensionable pay by 10% for at least 12 months. We would also advise waiting until our partial retirement calculator is available in early 2024 before making an application as this will help members understand their potential pension benefits and lump sum.

Members of the 1995 section with a minimum pension age of 50 can take partial retirement from that age but if they retire before they are 55, they are required by legislation to take 100% of their pension.

You can find out more on our Partial Retirement website page.