Your pension contributions

The amount you pay towards your pension scheme depends on your current level of salary. Your pension contributions are deducted from your monthly salary by your employer and you receive income tax relief on your contributions.

It’s important to check that the correct amounts are being deducted each month. You should also note that if your salary fluctuates from month to month, your pension contribution rate will be based on a salary bracket which is the equivalent of your monthly salary multiplied by 12. Current contribution rates for the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme 2015 and the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme are shown in the table below.

Actual pensionable pay for the eligible employment for 2023/2024

Contribution percentage rate

Up to and including £32,133 7.2%
£32,134 to £43,257 8.7%
£43,258 to £51,291 9.7%
£51,292 to £67,975 10.4%
£67,976 to £92,693 11.5%
£92,694 and above 11.9%

A member's actual pay, rather than the whole time equivalent, should be used to determine the contribution rate due.  This applies to both the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme (STSS) and Scottish Teacher' Pension Scheme 2015 (STPS 2015).

Your employer’s contribution

The employer's contribution rate is currently 23%. 

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