Understanding short service annuities

If you return to work following retirement and then leave again with less than one calendar year's service (less than 365 days) you'll qualify for a short service annuity.

A short service annuity is calculated by your total contributions being divided by a Government Actuary's Department factor based on your age. The annuity will then increase each year in line with inflation. It's not possible to convert your annuity into a lump sum and the annuity does not revert to a dependant in the event of your death.

If your re-employment was in the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme, your short service annuity will be payable at age 60 or 65 depending on your normal pension age.

If your re-employment was in the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme, and paid contributions after 1 April 2015, it will be payable from age 65 or your State Pension age, whichever is later.

You should only apply for a short service annuity if:

  • you were a re-employed teacher and have stopped working
  • You don't intend to undertake teaching employment that would entitle you to a further pension.
  • You are over the normal pension age for the scheme you were in at the time of leaving.

A short service annuity is payable six weeks after SPPA receives your completed application form.

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