Understanding short service annuities

If you return to work following retirement and then leave again with less than one calendar year's service (less than 365 days) you'll qualify for a short service annuity.

A short service annuity is calculated by your total contributions being divided by a Government Actuary's Department factor based on your age. The annuity will then increase each year in line with inflation. It's not possible to convert your annuity into a lump sum and the annuity does not revert to a dependant in the event of your death.

If you're in the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme, your short service annuity will be payable at age 60 or 65 depending on your normal pension age. If you're in the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme, and paid contributions after 1 April 2015, it will be payable from age 65 or your State Pension age, whichever is later.

You should only apply for a short service annuity if you're a re-employed teacher, age 60 or over, and you don't intend to undertake further employment that would entitle you to a further pension.

A short service annuity is payable six weeks after SPPA receives your completed application form.

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