Estimating your police pension benefits

SPPA can only provide exact figures when your final pay and service details are known and your formal application for retirement benefits has been received.

Annual benefit statements for active members

Although exact figures can only be supplied when your final pay and service details are known and you've applied to take your retirement benefits, we do provide annual statements to illustrate your pension's progress and we can also supply estimates in certain circumstances.

Annual benefit statements

Your annual benefit statement estimates the pension benefits you've accrued up to the end of the most recent financial year based on the pensionable service and salary details provided by your employer.

  • If you're in active employment, you'll receive a copy of your annual benefit statement before 31 August each year as long as:
  • you were an active member at 31 March that year
  • your data has been provided to us by your employer for the year in question.

Annual Benefit Statement Frequently asked questions:

I have not received my ABS this year

Your ABS is no longer posted out, as per the information issued via SPPA and Police Scotland last year, your ABS is now online. If you have not already registered with our online portal you will need to go onto our website and register to view your ABS.

Why does my ABS show me as single and no partner benefits

It will show as single and no benefits payable as we have not been updated with your correct marital status.

1. ALL SCHEMES - If you are either married or in civil partnership then if you provide us with your date of marriage, spouse’s name and DOB we will update your record.

2. NPPS/NFPS/CARE – if you are not married but in a relationship and have been in the relationship for 2 or more years and financially dependant on each other, you can complete the partner nomination form on our website and return to us for you record to be updated.

My start date is incorrect, it currently shows my start date as when I moved from one legacy area to another

The date shown is the date you started your current employment, your service from your previous legacy is shown as a transfer as you moved areas. You can see this using your portal if you click on membership details it will show your service from the legacy area. You may have to toggle between your active and non-protected record to see your benefits from both schemes. The overall service on your statement includes all service from original start date and any transfers you may have.

Is my transfer included as I cannot see it on my statement

Your transfer is included, it is not shown separately as it now counts as police service, you can see your transfer on your online portal if you go into your membership details. You may need to toggle between your active and non-protected record to see it depending on which record its held on.

The service shown on my statement is short I have been the pension scheme longer than my statement shows

Your service shown is the service you accrued under PPS scheme. As you will have moved into the 2015 care scheme at some point between 1.4.2015 – 31.3.2022, your statement shows your service up to the date before you moved into care.

2015 Remedy

On 1 April 2022 the 1987 and 2006 legacy schemes closed to any future pension build-up and members were moved into the reformed 2015 pension scheme.

Eligible members will have the chance to choose between their legacy or reformed scheme benefits when they retire.  This choice will be for the period between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2022.

From 2024, your annual benefits statement (ABS) will show a dual estimate of both the legacy and reformed schemes to help you make your choice.  

Your 2022 ABS does not include a dual estimate but, a remedy calculator is available to use if you'd like to compare your legacy and reformed scheme benefits.


You can also use our free online calculators to estimate retirement benefits to future dates or other scenarios of your choice.


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