Estimating your police pension benefits

SPPA can only provide exact figures when your final pay and service details are known and your formal application for retirement benefits has been received.

Annual benefit statements for active members

Although exact figures can only be supplied when your final pay and service details are known and you've applied to take your retirement benefits, we do provide annual statements to illustrate your pension's progress and we can also supply estimates in certain circumstances.

Annual benefit statements

Your annual benefit statement estimates the pension benefits you've accrued up to the end of the most recent financial year based on the pensionable service and salary details provided by your employer.

  • If you're in active employment, you'll receive a copy of your annual benefit statement before 31 August each year as long as:
  • you were an active member at 31 March that year
  • your data has been provided to us by your employer for the year in question.


You can also use our free online calculators to estimate retirement benefits to future dates or other scenarios of your choice.

Request an Estimate

If you haven't received your latest annual benefit statement or you would like to request an estimate of your benefits please check your eligibility on the flowchart before you apply.


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