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Members of the 2015 Scheme

When you retire you will receive a pension based on your earnings throughout your career and while you were paying into the scheme. Each year you will earn a pension equal to 1/56.1 of your pensionable pay.

So as long as you are still paying into the scheme, this will be revalued every year in line with increases to the Consumer Prices Index plus 1.25%. Your pension is normally paid at your normal pension age which, for all officers paying into the scheme, irrespective of rank, is 60.

If you leave Police Scotland, or opt out of the scheme while still serving as a police officer in Scotland, your normal pension age will be the same as your State Pension age. Your normal pension age is simply when you can take your benefits in full, but you can retire earlier. The scheme also provides benefits for your dependants if you die in retirement leaving a spouse or child.



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