About the NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) 2008 section

The 2008 section of the NHS Superannuation Scheme closed to new members from 1 April 2015 with all new NHS employees joining the 2015 scheme from that date.

Key features:

  • normal pension age of 65
  • minimum Pension age of 55
  • pension based on membership and reckonable pay
  • pension worth 1/60th of your reckonable pay for each year of service
  • option to exchange part of your pension benefits for cash lump sum at retirement in a process known as commutation
  • death benefits payable to your legal spouse, registered civil partner, qualifying partner and dependent children from the date of your death.

Choice Exercise transfers

If you opted to move from the 1995 section to the 2008 section, you must give up some of your pension to receive a mandatory lump sum based on your service up to 31 March 2008. You are treated as a 2008 section member for all other purposes.

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