About the NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) 1995 section

The NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) 1995 section is one of three NHS pension schemes for people directly employed by the NHS along with medical, dental, opthalmic practitioners, general medical practice staff and staff working for certain approved employers in Scotland.

The 1995 section closed to new members on 1 April 2008. Members who were active in the scheme on 31 March and 1 April 2008 remained in the 1995 section but may have had the chance at a later date to move to the 2008 section as part of the Choice Exercise.

Key Features

  • Normal pension age of 60.
  • Option to retire at age 55 for Special Class members and Mental Health Officers.
  • Pension based on membership and final pensionable pay.
  • Pension worth 1/80th of your final year's pensionable pay for each year of membership.
  • Automatic tax free lump sum upon retirement.
  • Valuable death benefits for your family.
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