We are introducing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to the MyPension website on 3 November 2021.

What is Multi-factor Authentication?

MFA improves on traditional security methods by adding an extra step when logging in to an online account.

Logging in with MFA involves:

  • Something that a user knows, such as a username or password; and
  • Something a user has in their possession, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Without access to both of these an unauthorised person would be unable to log in to your account. By adding an extra layer of security, MFA reduces the likelihood of your personal information being compromised.

Two MFA methods will be available on your MyPension Online account from 3 November 2021. These include:

  1. A text-based code (SMS) sent to a smartphone. This method allows the user to verify their identity by receiving a text message containing a single use code that can be entered into the website each time you log in.
  2. A Time-based One-Time Password – (TOTP). This method allows the user to verify their identity by scanning a QR code to verify data through an industry standard authenticator app such as Microsoft or Google authenticator.

When you access the website for the first time after the MFA is introduced, you will be asked to:

  1. Enter your username and password as normal and;
  2. Choose which method of MFA you’d like to enable (SMS or TOTP). You can also choose whether to defer this choice until the next time you log-in or turn it off completely.

The MFA option you choose will be the one that is presented to you on subsequent visits to the MyPension Website. If you choose to defer until the next time you log in, you will be presented with the same choice again. If you choose to turn off MFA, you will continue to log in as normal.

Don’t worry if you decide to change your mind after making your choice: you will be able to change your preferences anytime by logging in and navigating to ‘Your Details’ and ‘Update your Information’.