A step-by-step guide to decision-making at SPPA


  1. Agenda, reports and papers

    Before meetings (such as Management Board Meetings) where decisions that affect the work of the Agency are likely to be taken, appropriate background papers and reports are provided to the participants for consideration. An agenda is set and minutes of the meeting are recorded.

  2. Public consultation and engagement strategies

    As well as management meetings, our decisions are influenced by an ongoing Customer Satisfaction Survey which gathers direct feedback from our customers. This survey is one way that the Agency assesses its overall performance.

  3. People Survey

    SPPA also participates in the annual Civil Service People Survey (staff survey) which covers over 100 UK Departments and forms a cross-government approach to developing employee engagement.

  4. Reports of regulatory inspections, audits and investigations

    Our decision-making is also influenced by the various reports produced following regulatory inspections, audits and investigations carried out by SPPA.

    Our Annual Reports provide information about SPPA's activities and financial performance.

    We also publish reports associated with the accounts disclosure for the Teachers' and NHS schemes, NHS Scheme Administration and Teachers' Scheme Administration.

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