How to estimate the cost of buying back partner's benefits for service prior to 2007

In 2007, following a Supreme Court judgement, the entitlement to survivor benefits for non-legal partners changed.

Although scheme members with non-legal partners accrued these benefits automatically from 2007 onwards, they also have the opportunity to buy back pre-2007 service for a relationship that would qualify for survivor benefits.

You can work out how much it's likely to cost to buy back partner's benefits for service before 2007 by using our handy calculator. It will give you an indication of the single payment or monthly contributions you'd have to pay to get the survivor benefits that would have been allocated to your pre-2007 service.

Download the Partner's Benefits Modeller

Technical support: Note that the downloadable Microsoft Excel file does not have a digital signature and may be unavailable to some users due to security reasons. The file type also may not be compatible with devices that don't support Microsoft products and may not work if you don't have access to an application that can read this type of file. If you have any issues with the Partner's Benefits Modeller, please contact us.

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