How to cancel your additional contributions

Before cancelling your commitment to making  additional voluntary contributions to your NHS pension, you should seek financial advice so that you fully understand the consequences of cancellation.

Added Years contracts

If you're making regular contributions to an Added Years contract as part of your NHS 1995 Section membership,  you'll need to write to the Practitioner team at SPPA and state that you wish to cancel your Added Years contracts because of financial hardship.

Your request can be sent by email or letter and you must give us two months' notice so that we can contact your employers and ask them to stop your monthly deductions.  Your last date of payment for your Added Years contract must be the last calendar day of the month.

You'll receive a proportional credit of the Added Years you've purchased up to your cessation date. For example if you elected to purchase five years' of pension service over a 20 year period and you ended your contract after paying into it for 10 years, you would receive a proportional credit of 2 years and 6 months. This proportional credit will be taken into consideration when your NHS 1995 Scheme benefits are being calculated. SPPA will inform you of the date that your Added Years contract stopped and your proportional credit entitlement.

Note that you won't be able to restart, or take out a new Added Years contract as this type of contract was withdrawn in 2008.

Additional Pension contracts

If you wish to stop making regular contributions to an Additional Pension contract, you'll need to complete the Additional Pension – Cessation/Cancellation Of Contract application form (opens a new tab) and send it to your Employer. If you have multiple contracts with different employers, you should contact the employer that makes your Additional Pension deductions.

If you're a self-employed Principal or Locum GP, you'll need to send your application form to your relevant PSD Office.

SPPA requires two months' notice and the date of your last payment must be the last day of the month.

If you've paid your Additional Pension contract for more than 12 months we'll provide you with a valuation of the amount of Additional Pension you've purchased so far.

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