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The NHS Pension Scheme (Scotland) Advisory Board provides advice to Scottish Ministers on a broad range of policy matters relating to the pension scheme.

The board is chaired by joint arrangement with a chair drawn from the existing staff-side and scheme employer representatives. The board has 8 member representatives, 4 employer representatives and representatives from the Scottish Government. The current members are:

Rosaleen Shaw - member representative

Rosaleen qualified as a registered nurse in 1992 and worked in various positions as a Staff Nurse, Senior Charge Nurse and Clinical Nurse Specialist. She became active as a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Steward in 1996 before taking up a full-time post in Employment Relations for the Royal College of Nursing where she's worked for the past 10 years.

Ros is a Senior Officer with the RCN, covering Lothian and Borders, and has always had a keen interest in pensions. She has been an active member of the Scottish Pension Group for 8 years and was involved in the negotiations around the 2008 pension scheme. She leads on pensions for RCN Scotland.

Graham Pirie - member representative

Graham is the Employment Relations Officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP). He qualified from Glasgow as a podiatrist in 1984 and, after a year of working in London, worked as a podiatrist within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde until 2014. During this time there, he became more involved with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and took up the post of Employment Relations Officer in 2001.

He was heavily involved in consulting with members of the SCP in regards to the 2008 Scheme and subsequent choice exercise through his position in the SCP and membership of the NHS Scottish Pension Group. Graham played a similar role before the introduction of the 2015 Scheme, consulting with members over the proposals, industrial action and implementation of the new scheme.

William Duffy - member representative

William Duffy is a Regional Organiser with UNISON. He was the Staff Side Secretary of STAC and currently sits on the NHS Staffs Council and NHS Staffs Council Executive. He has been involved in negotiations around the Scottish NHS Pension Scheme since 2004 and was the Staff Side Chair of the Scottish Pensions Group.

Willie has been a regular attendee at meetings relating to NHS Scotland Pensions Scheme and, on UNISON’s behalf, has contributed to many consultations over the last ten years. He was involved in the negotiations looking at the conscript of the 2015 Scheme and was heavily involved in the discussions around the introduction of the 2008 Section and the Choice Exercise that took place in 2010. Willie has formed an excellent working relationship with the Scottish NHS Employers, the Scottish Public Pensions Agency and the Scottish Government over the ten years that he has been involved with pensions.

Jane Christie-Flight - member representative

Jane Christie-Flight has been employed in the NHS since 1985 as a Clinical Perfusionist, and has been a member of the NHS Superannuation Scheme since 1986. She has been an accredited lay representative for the union, Unite, since 2003 and currently sits on the Unite Regional Health Sector Committee and the Regional LGBT Committee. Since July 2010, Jane has been the Employee Director/Non-Executive Director of the National Waiting Times Centre Board (NWTC). This role requires her to have an understanding of the strategic context of NHS Scotland and how NWTC fits into the delivery of NHS Scotland's objectives. In her role as a Non-Executive, she listens, analyses and challenges the executive directors and senior management team as required to ensure that the board's strategic objectives are achieved, while always meeting legislative requirements.

Jacqueline Mitchell - member representative

Jacqueline Mitchell trained as a nurse and then as a midwife in Lothian where she worked as a midwife for 27 years before taking up her current post as National Officer for the Royal College of Midwives in 2007. Since starting that post, she has represented the Royal College of Midwives on Pension groups, firstly Spensir and then the Scottish Pension Group and she has built up significant knowledge regarding the NHS Superannuation Scheme.

Philip McEvoy - member representative

Phil is the Head of Pensions for the British Dental Association. With a background of working for an Actuarial Consultancy and in-house for a pension scheme, Phil has spent a decade advising trade union members and officers on pensions. He has sat on a number of committees and boards in both public and private sectors and has given evidence to the Legislative and Parliamentary Committees. He was originally from Northern Ireland but is now based in London. Phil has a degree in Physics from Warwick University.

Alan Robertson - member representative

Dr Alan Robertson is a Consultant Cardiologist and member of BMA Scottish Council. He qualified from the University of Glasgow in 2003 and also received an MD from the University of Dundee in 2014. He currently works in Dundee & Perth and has previously worked in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Melbourne (Australia). He has been involved with pensions for two decades and is a previous chair of the BMA UK Pensions Committee as well as a previous member of the NHS England & Wales Pension Governance Group.

Derek Lindsay - employer representative

Derek has been Director of Finance at NHS Ayrshire and Arran for over 15 years. A chartered accountant by professional training, he joined the NHS in 1993 having spent four years working in industry. Derek has co-chaired the NHS Scottish Pensions Group for the last eight years through various consultations including the introduction of significant changes in 2008 and 2015.

Andrew Carter - employer representative

Andrew Carter was appointed Director of Workforce at NHS Borders in April 2020. Andrew manages a team of 50 HR and Occupational Health & Safety staff in Melrose.

Previous to that, Andrew worked in a variety of HR roles in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, NHS Lothian & NHS Western Isles and has been seconded into Scottish Government on two occasions. Andrew started his NHS Scotland career as a General Management Trainee in 1993 and has been a member of the NHS Scotland pension scheme since that time.

Andrew is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel & Development.

Kay Sandilands - employer representative

Kay has been an NHS employee for over 31 years. Kay started her NHS career as a physiotherapist in NHS Lothian in 1990 and moved into Human Resources from 2003. Initially, her roles were in the fields of job evaluation and workforce planning in NHS Lothian, The State Hospital and the West Region. Kay then joined NHS Lanarkshire in 2009 as the Head of Workforce Planning, progressed to Deputy Director of Human Resources and subsequently took up her current position as Director of Human Resources in February 2020.

Lorraine Hunter - employer representative

Lorraine Hunter began working with Grampian NHS Board as a Payroll Assistant before progressing to her current post of Head of Service for the HR Service Centre. She is an extremely experienced payroll manager, having a sound knowledge of the NHS Scotland Pension Scheme and an extensive experience of the various scheme changes.

Lorraine has also been involved in SPPA's Technical Working Group for 15 years, where she worked in partnership with SPPA colleagues to implement scheme changes. Recently in NHS Grampian, she undertook a lead role implementing Auto Enrolment and also was the project lead in implementing the April 2015 scheme changes.

Robin McNaught - employer representative

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