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Members should have received an “easy to read” guide for the Local Government Pension Scheme from their Pension Fund administrator but if you have not already done so, do not hesitate to contact them direct to obtain a copy.

Further information is available in this section.

Am I eligible to join?

To be able to join the LGPS you need to have a contract of employment that’s for at least 3 months, be under age 75 and work for an employer that offers membership of the Scheme.

If you are employed by a non-Local Government organisation which participates in the LGPS (an admission body), you can only join if your employer nominates you for membership of the Scheme.

Teachers, police officers, operational firefighters and employees eligible to join another statutory pension scheme (such as the NHS Pension Scheme) are not allowed to join the LGPS.

What happens to my pension if I leave?

Refunds of Contributions

If you leave with less than two years total membership, have not brought a transfer into the LGPS and do not already have a deferred benefit in the LGPS in Scotland, you may take a refund of your contributions, less a deduction for tax and, if any, the cost of buying you back into the State Second Pension scheme (S2P).

Deferred benefits

If you leave before age 65 and your total membership is two years or more, or you have transferred other pension rights into the LGPS, or already have a deferred benefit in the LGPS in Scotland, you will be entitled to deferred benefits within the LGPS. Your deferred LGPS benefits will be calculated as described in The Benefits section of the guide using the length of your membership up to the date that you left the Scheme.

Unless you decide to transfer your deferred benefits to another pension scheme they will normally be paid at age 65, but please refer to the appropriate section of the guide for further information.

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