What happens if you need financial advice?

Although SPPA has a lot of expertise in pensions administration, we can’t give financial advice at any time. If you need guidance with your retirement planning or financial decisions, you may want to seek help from a professional financial adviser. You can get useful information regarding financial advice from the Financial Conduct Authority or the Pensions Advisory Service, including tips on appointing an adviser and ways of checking that your adviser is authorised for the kind of advice you require.

Authorising a financial adviser to contact SPPA

We can release information to your financial adviser as long as we’ve received a written request accompanied by a mandate, signed by you, authorising the release of the requested information.

We’re able to provide:

  • a statement of accrued benefits, or, where possible, estimates allowing for service to normal pension age based on your current salary, and;
  • a statement of the benefits payable if you were to die in service.

Further information

The Money Advice Service – Financial Advice

The Pensions Advisory Service

The Financial Conduct Authority

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