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If you're an active or pensioner member of the NHS or Teachers' schemes you can register for our online services right now.

If you're in the Police or Firefighters' schemes, your online services are coming very soon - watch this space.

Registering for the service is easy. You'll just need your:

  • email address
  • National Insurance number
  • Superannuation / GTC or Pension Payroll reference number

Guidance notes

Your SPPA reference number

This will be shown on your payslip and included in any correspondence from SPPA.

NHS scheme reference numbers have a 7-digit number preceded by the letters SB.

Teachers have their General Teaching Council registration number often preceded by the letter T.

Pensioners should use the 6 digit pension payroll reference number shown on your pension award letter, P60 or pension payslip.

In all cases, input the numbers only - there's no need to enter the SB or T prefixes.


Make sure you enter your surname with its usual spelling including capital letters and any punctuation marks (like O'Connell) or multiple or double barrelled names (for example, Van Der Han or Simpson-Latte).

National Insurance number

Your National Insurance number is usually shown on your payslip. It can also be obtained from HMRC.

It's usually formatted as 2 letters followed by 6 digits followed by 1 letter, for example: YB123456A

The online members services registration only needs the first 8 characters so you don't need to input the final letter. 

Date of Birth

Your date of birth is shown in the DD/MM/YYYY format


Your username is your email address. You can use a personal, home or work email addresss but it can't be an email address that's shared with another scheme member. 


Use a 'strong' password that's unique to this account. It must contain at least eight characters with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one 'special character'.

Register now

Having trouble registering? Contact us.

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